About Us

We are a family-owned business, run by myself and my husband. Our story begins with  "....for it is in giving that we truly receive..." 

In early 2013, we raised some funds for orphaned kids, by selling honey bought from a local farm in Pa, to our friends. What started out as a one-time sale for raising funds for orphans, turned into a charity-proceeds generator, that kept us as busy as...well, bees. People kept coming back for more and asking for "what's new and exotic". This sowed the seed of this company that we have today. The idea to help others by donating the profits from the sales of locally farmed honey, gave this business the name Honey, Be Kind! 

By sourcing from small farms, hence, encouraging local honey producing businesses to sustain themselves, to jarring each and every unadulterated drop by hand, Honey, Be Kind! is a venture that extends kindness to our own, as well as those slightly further away. Distance, however, is an insignificant matter when you seek to share with humanity in need.

Kind people it appeared, had good taste too. A cut above the imported varieties of honey, once tasted, our hand-jarrred honey will prove to be a life long passion for those who experience the depth of its taste firsthand. With the promise of good health, for your body and your giving spirit, Honey, Be Kind! invites you to join its vision to spread love and sweetness to those less fortunate than us.

We hope to leave this business as our legacy even long after we are gone to help those in need. So thank you for taking the time to visit us. We plan to add more products to our business so come back soon, you never know when something new and exciting might be buzzing around here.