Tupelo Raw Honey

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Tupelo honey is produced from the nectar of the flowers of Ogeechee tupelo trees growing along the borders of rivers, swamps, and ponds Southern Georgia and North-Western Florida.

Tupelo honey is light in color; has a as mild, delicate, and floral taste

It has an unusually high fructose content as compared to sucrose content. It is due to this low sucrose content that some diabetics may eat it (ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FIRST). Ours is a no-processed and very lightly filtered honey.

Pure Tupelo is a rare find. It is harvested only along the Apalachicola River. Due to a short blooming and hence harvest season, this honey become even more rare. Harvesting this honey is very labor-intensive. It requires precise timing to manage bees to produce this type of honey.

This is why this honey comes with a high price tag. If you are still skeptical, tasting is believing!

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